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What is Cash Forward?

What is Cash Forward?

Cash Forward is a special redemption option that encourages members to explore The Guestbook hotel network. You may redeem Cash Forward towards a future qualifying stay at any of our participating hotels.

1. Cash Forward is an extra incentive to explore our network of hotels in other destinations. It cannot be redeemed at the same hotel that it was earned.

2. Cash Forward must be used on a stay that is at least 30 miles (50 km) away from where it was earned.

3. Your Cash Forward value must cover at least one night's stay, before taxes, in order to be used at the desired hotel. Example, if you have $100 Cash Forward, you would need to find a room rate that is $100 or less to qualify.

4. You must pay the full value of your stay directly to the hotel, as if it were a normal booking. Note that Cash Forward is not a discount or an adjustment off of a reservation or final bill.

5. The value of your Cash Forward redemption will be sent to you via PayPal after your stay is completed and validated with the hotel. This is generally within 7 business days after your date of departure but can take longer in rare cases.

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