Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started
The Guestbook is the world’s first cash back hotel loyalty program that rewards members for booking direct at over 700 of the best independent & boutique brand hotels in major travel destinations around the globe. The Guestbook is simple. Book your room directly with a member hotel through their site or ours. Earn 5% cash back through PayPal, gift cards, charitable donation, or triple your reward with Trip Cash.
We don’t use member account numbers. Instead, we use your email address to track your stays and rewards. Simply sign up using your email address and use that same email to make a direct reservation. You may also add additional email addresses to your profile so that you don’t miss out on any rewards. To do so, please click on the Link Emails tab once you are logged in
Do I need to inform the hotel that I am a member of The Guestbook?
No. Participating hotels have agreed to issue your loyalty rewards as long as you have Eligible Charges and have an e-mail address on the reservation that matches an e-mail listed on your The Guestbook account. You do need to ensure that you submit either your reservation confirmation or final bill to The Guestbook within 30 days after checkout through one of the automated or manual options provided.
Is There A Time Limit For Submitting Reservations or Bills?
While our system will pick up most stays booked at our member hotels, there are instances (including reservations booked over the phone) when stays may not be be automatically added to your Guestbook account. If you do not see a qualified stay on your dashboard, please either forward it to or upload it to your account within 30 days after checkout. All stays received more than 30 days beyond the checkout date will be ineligible for rewards.
Why am I given a choice of submitting a Reservation or Bill? Do I need to submit both?
We want to make it easy for you to receive your rewards. Therefore, we give you the option of submitting either your reservation confirmation or final bill (we don’t need both). If you submit your reservation confirmation, we will get the final bill directly from the hotel after your stay completes. If you submit your final bill, then we thank you for saving us a step!
Do all reservations qualify for rewards?
Unfortunately no, only those eligible per our Terms of Use and booked direct qualify for rewards. You must also be enrolled in our program prior to your date of arrival in order to qualify for the benefit.
How do I redeem loyalty rewards?
Loyalty rewards may be redeemed after each stay or saved up over time and redeemed at a future date depending on your preference.
How Do I Redeem Trip Cash?
Trip Cash is a special redemption option that provides additional value for exploring The Guestbook's network of hotels on future stays. Please see our dedicated Trip Cash FAQs for more information.
Will I be able to redeem rewards if I live outside of the United States?
Yes, absolutely. The Guestbook utilizes third party vendors, such as PayPal, to transfer reward redemptions to international members in their selected currency. These vendors handle all necessary legal requirements and conversion tasks, and the associated fees are paid by The Guestbook so you always get your rewards redemption. Redemption options are available in 25 currencies and 193 countries.
Which hotel charges qualify for earning loyalty rewards?
Loyalty Rewards are earned on Eligible Charges, which are defined in detail in our Terms of Use. In general, Eligible Charges include your room rate on your final hotel bill (but exclude related taxes & fees) as long as you book directly with the hotel and enroll in the program at least one day prior to your check in date. Select properties may also provide rewards for additional charges on your final hotel bill, including things like hotel-operated restaurants & spas. You may view any additional inclusions, if available, on the "Stay Perks" section in each property's Guestbook listing.
How do I calculate the amount of loyalty rewards that I receive?
Loyalty rewards are based on the earning ratio (e.g. 5%), the Eligible Charges incurred at the hotel, and the currency setting. Guests who pay a hotel bill in a currency other than the currency set on their account will have their loyalty rewards converted at the exchange rate chosen by our third-party Loyalty Rewards conversion service as of the date of your final bill.
How long will it take for me to receive my loyalty rewards?
According to our Terms of Use, loyalty rewards are considered earned once approved and funded by the participating property. However, in practice we attempt to send reward notification within either 7 business days after checkout or 7 business days after being notified of a qualified stay that has already concluded.
Do My Rewards Expire?
Your cash rewards do not expire as long as you confirm your account within 30 days after completing your first stay and then keep an active account - which is very easy to do. Simply stay at one of our hotels, redeem rewards, or just log into your dashboard at least once each calendar year. Trip Cash does expire - please see the Trip Cash FAQs for additional details.
What is Trip Cash?
Trip Cash is a special redemption option that encourages members to explore The Guestbook’s portfolio of hotels. In most cases, a Trip Cash redemption is worth three times the amount of a non-Trip Cash redemption. Trip Cash must be redeemed on a future stay in another destination (>30 miles/50 km) from where it was originally earned and must cover at least the value of one night’s stay. Trip Cash is not subject to blackout dates or capacity restrictions.
Yes. Trip Cash earned each calendar year must be redeemed towards a Trip Cash Booking by March 31st of the following year. Trip Cash redeemed towards a booking that is later cancelled will be returned to the member account as long as the Trip Cash value has not expired. As a reminder, any rewards redeemable for PayPal or other gift card options will never expire, even if the Trip Cash premium associated with it does.
Yes. Members may earn new rewards on all Eligible Charges not covered by Trip Cash. For example, if a member redeems $100 of Trip Cash on a 3-night stay (3 x $100 = $300 pre-tax), new rewards will be earned on the remaining $200. These new rewards will be tracked in the member’s account.
To make staying at our hotels even more rewarding, The Guestbook increased its Trip Cash value from 10% to 15% in 2019. All stays with checkout dates in 2018 earned Trip Cash at the 10% level. All stays with checkout dates beginning 1/1/2019 will earn 15% Trip Cash, even if the stay was originally booked in 2018 or earlier.
How Is Trip Cash Redeemed?
Trip Cash may be redeemed by visiting the Redeem page once a member has rewards available. The Trip Cash reservation must then be booked directly on The Guestbook site to handle the specialized reward redemption procedure. Once Trip Cash is selected, the member may search for hotel availability based on the Trip Cash rules. The member then pays the full value of the hotel stay as if it were a normal booking, and the Trip Cash value is sent to the member after the stay is completed via the method selected in the booking process, such as PayPal. Note: Trip Cash is associated with its underlying cash back redemption value, if any. Any redemption of one reduces the other on a proportional basis.
The Trip Cash redemption search will automatically calculate the Trip Cash available for redemption for any given hotel by calculating the distance from where the Trip Cash was earned. If a member has earned rewards in multiple destinations, then only those rewards earned in destinations that meet the distance criteria will be eligible for redemption, and the Trip Cash value that does not qualify will remain for a future Trip Cash redemption.
If you have additional questions, please contact us. We will update this FAQ list with any commonly asked questions.