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Hi, I'm Ralph

Relaxing, foodie, backpacker, adventurer, LGBTQ

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Having been in Las Vegas for 24 years and working in hospitality, I’ve come to love many things about this ecstatic city. The desert can be every bit as beautiful as the forest, and this is where it all comes to life.

As an adventurous traveler, I prefer to stay in comfortable accommodations, but don’t typically splurge on hotels and resort stays (usually a nice room but nothing too fancy). This is so that I avoid a sizable portion of my travel budget on mainly hotel stay unless I’m in it for deep relaxation. Every so often, I’ll budget for a nice room and a day utilizing a hotel’s amenities, but usually, my resources go into enjoying local food, shopping, and entertainment experiences. It is essential that I try to get a feel for the whole area where I’m staying so I can enjoy it.

One of my most memorable club nights was at the old Pure Nightclub in Caesars Palace back in 2011 for a friend’s 21st birthday party. Somehow, we hopped over to the Artisan, where we had such an incredible night for way cheaper, evidenced only by some shamefully messy pictures the next day. It’s what I love most about being here; you never really know what’s about to happen next. On and off the Strip, there are countless ways to make your stay here beyond fulfilling.

I simply love to share the diverse, amazing experiences I have had in Vegas. A good time means something totally different to everyone, and it would be an honor to make detailed recommendations of great spots, so we can help someone’s day or trip in the city become truly unforgettable.


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