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Hi, I'm Romane

Open, creative, and adventurous traveler

Age Range



I have been living in Las Vegas since 2020, on and off, but I moved here permanently in 2021.

My love for the city and the outdoors makes life here so fun and dreamy! I couldn’t imagine living elsewhere and experiencing such a wide variety of things in another town.

For a living, I am a Digital Marketing Coordinator, travel blogger, and content creator. I 100% work from home, so it is easier for me to travel and visit as I please!

I am an open-minded traveler. I love to explore everything from cultures and food to meeting people from all over the world and having authentic experiences. For example, when I visit a new country, I always learn a little bit of the official language spoken in this country so that it’s easier for me to connect with people!

Living in Vegas is an endless trip: I did, saw, and experienced a lot over the past two years. As a world traveler and a foreigner, I experience the city in a very exciting way!


Cocktailing, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Museums, Outdoors, and Shopping


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