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Hi, I'm Roshelle

Foodie and adventurous culture seeker

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I moved to Las Vegas when I was 20 to continue my education at UNLV by pursuing a career in hospitality. Since Las Vegas is the mecca for the industry, it only made sense to set down roots here, so that’s what I did; and I never looked back.

I am passionate about many things, but food takes the cake (pun intended). My all-time favorite activity is to gather people around a table to enjoy delicious food and share stories that connect us. Maybe it comes from growing up in a household with 22 family members, and counting, on the small island of Kauai. Life itself slowed down when the sun set, so supper was the time to connect. Loud and chaotic, it was that energy and closeness that I lived for, and it always meant more when food was involved.

Although I love to travel, I always find myself lucky to be living in this town of extremely diverse culture. I get to encounter all walks of life and learn from these individuals, and this is something Kauai would not have easily shown me. When I need a break from the bustle of the city and people, it is music, family, and my beloved Black Lab that keep me grounded and grateful.

Travel Spending Habits: I like to plan 75% of the trip and leave the rest for exploring once I make my destination. I’m about authenticity and indulging in the local culture, therefore I’ll spend hours at a street market but also pay top dollar for fine dining.


Adventuring, Cocktailing, Food, and Shows


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