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Hobak Korean BBQ

Hobak Family likes to concentrate on few menu items, serving only beef and pork. Working under the motto, "sharing great things," they encourage groups to enjoy the charcoal and gas cooking experience.

Price Range


GB Insider Tips

*Skip the fancy steakhouse before the night out and travel 5 minutes from the strip to Chinatown to visit Hobak Korean BBQ. This is not for the vegetarian or health-conscious folk.

*You go there for quality meats, great service, and a fun/boisterous ambiance. It’s a lot of food but you’ll step away satisfied and not overly full so you can continue with your evening.

*For your group of bachelors, select one of their large combos which include a variety of pork and beef cuts that are prepared to-order.

*The portions are bite-sized but served in abundance so there is plenty to go around. You can skip the heavy carbs and rely on the banchan, side dishes, which come with every meal and are set around the table to enjoy with your meats.

*Mention the celebration and they’ll sing and bring out dessert outfitted with large sparklers.

Getting there

Ride share is recommended.

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